About Me


The Name
Fittingly, "Liebetreu" translates from German to mean "true love" - a sentiment infused in every piece crafted with Kristy's truest love: the love of her craft and connecting others with nature's rejuvenating embrace. Encouraging others to lead with LOVE

The Mission
After struggling with her mental health following the loss of her brother due to suicide, Kristy found solace in nature and creative expression. Now, she hopes to raise awareness while providing beautiful reminders to prioritize self-care. A portion of proceeds is donated to mental health organizations to support holistic wellbeing.

The Inspiration
At LEE.BA.TROY Studio, I create jewelry that connects you with the grounding power of nature. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by me using precious metals and natural stones. Kristy's passion is capturing the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by nature's beauty and translating it into wearable art. Whether a favorite hiking trail, serene lakeshore, or vibrant wooded trail, I find inspiration in those special places that allow you to pause and feel centered.

The Process
Every design begins with a simple sketch envisioning how to frame the natural stone centerpiece. I then meticulously works the precious metals - gold, silver, bronze - shaping and soldering them into a one-of-a-kind setting. The stone is securely set, finished, and prepared for you to be used as a reminder of nature's grounding embrace.

The Experience
By infusing each step with intention and love, I hope to imbue my jewelry with the serene energy of their natural inspiration. My goal is for you to catch a glimpse of the earthy stone, give it a touch, and feel instantly transported to that special place of peace.

The Journey
Kristy's love of metalsmithing took root at Western Michigan University and though she taught High School art for 15 years, her desire to return to jewelry making never waned. In 2020, she rededicated herself fully to LEE.BA.TROY Studio, rediscovering the joy of transforming metals and stones into wearable pockets of tranquility.

Love is always the answer,