Permanent Jewelry by a University Trained Matalsmith

Elevate your style with permanent jewelry from my exclusive collection. These pieces are welded shut with utmost precision, without the need for a clasp, creating wearable works of art that symbolize your bold, authentic self.

When you invest in my permanent jewelry, you're getting the highest quality precious metals and a proven system for ensuring the perfect fit.

Never worry about removing your cherished adornment; my permanent jewelry seamlessly complements non-permanent pieces, allowing you to reinvent your look endlessly.

Read below for more information about precious metals, the perfect fit, why you can trust me to adorn you, and instructions for care and removal.



June 1 & 2

  • Farmington Hills, MI with Art on The Grand
  • SAT 10am-7pm
  • SUN 11am-5pm

June 8

  • Kimball, MI at KOA- You must be camping at the KOA to attend
  • SAT 3pm-5:30pm

June 28, 29 & 30

  • Imlay City, MI at Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds with The Michigan Lavender Festival
  • FRI Noon-6pm
  • SAT 10am-6pm
  • SUN 10am-4pm


July 6

  • Boyne City, MI at Boyne City Farmers Market
  • SAT 8am-1pm

July 13

  • Grand Haven, MI at Chinook Pier with Merchants & Makers
  • SAT 9am-4pm

July 19

  • Van Pelt Place, Charlevoix, MI at BLOOM Floral Design
  • FRI 11am-3pm

July 20

  • Petoskey, MI at Petoskey Art in the Park
  • SAT 10am-5pm

July 26 & 27

  • Van Pelt Place Charlevoix, MI at BLOOM Floral Design
  • FRI 11am-3pm
  • SAT 12pm-4pm


August 3 & 4

  • Lexington, MI at Lexington Fine Art Fair
  • SAT 10am-6pm
  • SUN 10am-5pm

August 9, 10 & 11

  • Information Coming Soon

August 23, 24 & 25

  • Information Coming Soon

August 31

  • Boyne City, MI at Boyne City Farmers Market
  • SAT 8am-1pm


September 6, 7 & 8

  • Information Coming Soon

September 14

  • information Coming Soon

September 21

  • Information Coming Soon

September 28

  • Information Coming Soon


October 5

  • DeWitt, MI at Bridge + Main
  • SAT 10am-3pm

October 12 & 13

  • Information Coming Soon


November 16

  • Holland, MI at Holland Civic Center with Merchants & Makers
  • SAT 9am-3pm

November 23

  • Information Coming Soon

    When it comes to the glitz and glamour of gold, there's a sparkling secret you need to know - the difference between USA Standard gold fill, gold fill, and gold plated.
    This info is extra important if you are ready to invest in a beautiful piece of jewelry!
    After years of working with precious metals I have found a vast difference between the USA Standard gold fill, non USA Standard gold fill, and gold plated! I think it’s incredibly important that my customers know what they are getting in comparison to other pieces that you may see outside of my studio.
    USA Gold Fill vs. Non-USA Standard Gold Fill & Gold Plated
    ✨The sad reality is that Gold Plated AND non-USA Gold Fill is NOT where it’s at!
    Gold Plated- That delicate layer of gold might look dazzling at first, but in a month's time, poof! It's gone for good and typically leaves you stuck with a base metal that's lost all its luster and will turn you green. Unfortunately, Gold Plated seems to be very popular right now and I’m not sure everyone understands how disappointing it can be, even new jewelers. Buying plated is literally throwing away gold that will be lost from the Earth FOREVER!
    Non-USA Standard Gold Fill- Many jewelers are using this without even knowing because they were sold something labeled as Gold Fill but not US Standard. Non USA Standard Gold Fill acts just like PLATED. Many permanent jewelers are purchasing cheap gold fill and have not done the extensive research that is absolutely needed. Again, in a month's time, poof! It's gone for good and typically leaves you stuck with a base metal that's lost all its luster and will turn you green but you've paid the gold fil price for it!
    I’m encouraging you to ask questions the next time you decide to purchase Permanent Jewelry. Ask the business if what they are using has been researched OR ask if they are using USA Standard Gold Fill. Honestly, most of them will not know the difference because they do not have a background in working with precious metals.
    This takes me to my next point because…✨US Standard Gold Fill is where the real golden magic happens. This intricate process allows for the piece to keep its gleam for years, up to 30 depending on care and exposure. And when it's time for an update, that precious piece has real gold value and can be recycled - talk about sustainability!

    The key is making sure you're getting USA Standard gold fill and working with someone that is knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of your investment.
    I’d love to be that person for you!

    One of the most appealing aspects of permanent jewelry is the sleek, continuous look of a seamless chain adorning your wrist, ankle, or neck. But getting that flawless line requires more than just welding the ends together. The fit has to be perfect from the very start for an unbroken flow and all-day wearability.

    That's why I've spent years perfecting my custom fitting process specifically for permanent chains. With over 52 chain styles from dainty to chunky weights, finding the ideal size is crucial for comfort and aesthetics - no resizing needed.

    My unique system starts with precise measurements and testing sizes to determine the exact inner circumference - not too loose, not too tight. This process ensures your permanent piece will have the ideal fit from the moment it's welded on.

    The fit is especially important for active, everyday wear. It needs to be just right so the chain doesn't roll under your palm or cause constriction when your body warms up and swells slightly during workouts or activity.

    Only once we've landed on that flawless personalized size do I begin crafting your permanent chain, welding the ends together with a seamless joining method I've perfected over two years.

    The result is an individualized continuous loop of metal down to the sixteenth of an inch for a custom fit that moves fluidly, becoming part of you. No excess material to snag, no tightness, just a smooth adornment from the first wear.

    By dedicating time to create that ideal fit upfront, your permanent piece blends seamless elegance with absolute wearability. The little details like personalized sizing make each design as comfortable as it is eye-catching right away.

    Whether dainty or bold, your permanent jewelry will effortlessly complement your daily aesthetic and lifestyle thanks to the refined fitting process - no adjustment period needed. The most beautiful accessories are the ones you never think twice about wearing.

    When selecting your perfect permanent jewelry piece, it's important to understand the varying strengths and characteristics that come with different chain and wire gauges. While all my pieces are made to be durable, the wire thickness used in each link can impact how delicate or sturdy the final chain will be.
    I've rated my 52 chain style options by overall strength so you know exactly what you're getting. The daintier and more lightweight the wire gauge, the more delicate the finished chain will be - and the more easily it could potentially stretch or deform under excessive force. However, some of my medium-dainty gauges actually have surprisingly high strength ratings due to the tightness of the link circles.
    The tighter and smaller the circle of each link, the stronger that section will be, even in lighter gauges. So while my most gossamer-like, feather-weight chains require very gentle care, there are some daintier options that can still offer appreciable resilience.
    On the other end, my chunkier, heavier gauge chain styles offer significant strength and resistance to bending or stretching out of shape. These substantial pieces can better withstand the rigors of daily wear and activities. However, the thicker links do make for a bolder, weightier look on the wrist or ankle.
    I want customers to fully understand the qualities and tradeoffs between daintier and chunkier permanent chains when choosing their perfect piece. The ideal option blends your aesthetic preferences with the durability fit for your lifestyle.
    My permanent jewelry collections come in an array of precious metal options- Nickel Free Sterling Silver, 14k & 10k Solid Gold, 14k Gold-Fill-- Yellow and Rose.

    Your permanent jewelry piece is designed for long-lasting wear, but that doesn't mean it's completely maintenance-free. Here are some tips for keeping your seamless chain or bracelet looking its best, as well as the easy process for removal if you ever change your mind about the permanent style.

    Cleaning and Care To prevent buildup of body oils, lotions, and other products on your permanent jewelry:
    • Clean it weekly with mild dish soap and an extremely soft brush (like an old toothbrush). This gentle scrubbing removes residue.
    • Clean with soap after swimming in pools/hot tubs where chemicals may cause buildup.
    • Avoid long-term exposure to harsh chemicals/cleaners when possible.
    The cleaning process is easy to do right in the shower and helps keep your piece shining bright.

    For sterling silver permanent chains, tarnishing is normal over time. Use the yellow polishing cloth I provide to help buff out tarnish and restore shine.

    Gold-filled pieces are sweat/water resistant but can darken some from buildup. The blue polishing cloth helps remove tarnish. In rare cases, body chemistry or certain medications may cause permanent gold-fill tarnishing.

    Solid gold chains will maintain their luster for a lifetime with just mild soap and water cleaning to remove any product residue.

    Simple Removal Process If you ever wish to remove your permanent jewelry, it's easy! Simply cut through the small jump ring I welded to connect the chain ends.

    You can then ship me back the cut piece, and for a small fee I can attach a clasp so it becomes a regular open necklace, bracelet, or anklet again.

    Don't feel you have to destroy your whole piece - as long as the jump ring is cut, I can alter it to be removable jewelry once more.

    So whether you've had your permanent piece for years or just months, know that it's crafted to be low-maintenance, lifelong jewelry you can care for easily at home. And if your needs change, removal is just a snip away.